[Interview in English] Jordan Rudess


Thanks to Scott Schorr, from Lazy Bones Records, we were able to ask questions to Jordan Rudess about the upcoming release of From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess. You can preorder the album :  http://www.lazybones.com/buy-stuff or on Pledge Music : http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/lmr

How did you find time to record this album between the recording of the Astonishing, the gigs…?

I have more hours in the day than most people… I have the secret…

Can you tell us about your recording process for this album? Was it the same than for the first album?

Pretty much. A whole lot of work and a whole lot of fun. I used A LOT of GeoShred on this album which was a blast. Tons of cool software instruments as well..

What hardware and software did you use?

Things like Omnisphere, Alchemy, The Roli Seaboard Rise, GeoShred on the iPad , Heavyocity, OUTPUT software, Kontakt instruments, Plug-in Guru sounds, my Korg Kronos, Ivory, Sample Logic and my trusty Korg Kronos

How do you choose the name of the tracks?

The law firm

You recently said that there’s no plan for touring. Is it because the band is too young or because you have a tight schedule.

We all have ridiculous schedules so its possible but not easy to figure out!

You said too that originally, Tony and Marco wanted a guitar player. Would you like to add one for the next album or LMR is a fixed band? It would be nice to bring John Petrucci to the studio and, let’s say, play some LTE live 😉

I like having the space. Marco plays the guitar well and thats plenty for me…..

Among all the musical influences that you guys have, what are the ones that you share?

Zappa, Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Floyd -stuff like that!

I noticed that the sounds and the tracks are sometimes similar to your old solo albums (especially Rhythm of Time) and far from a DT album. Is it something you’re aware of? Did you want to do something different from what you do with Dream Theater?

There is a lot of sonic space on the album because there isn’t the wall of guitar goodness that maestro Petrucci creates. I love John’s playing but i also have fun with the sonic space when that element is not there sometimes. After all I’m a passionate synthesis controlling the sonic universe so that’s a good time for me!

Is the music so crazy that you need to do crazy videos 😀 ?


What are your plans for the future? A new tour in Europe?

Perhaps. Next stop will be North America with DT.

And last questions, what is the most frequently asked question by the fans and what question would you like to be asked by them?

Will LTE be getting back together?

What is it about making music that is so important to you?


Your Majesty would like to thank Scott Schorr and Jordan Rudess for their kindness.

Interview conducted by The Keyboard Wizard. Check our Twitter @YourMajestyDT and our facebook page : YourMajestyDT


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