Mike Portnoy répond à ses fans sur Twitter

Mike Portnoy a répondu à certaines des questions posées par ses fans via son compte Twitter. Les réponses (comme les questions) sont courtes, dues à la limite de 140 caractères.

What band would you most like to tour with?
Been the same answer for years: Metallica and Rush

Any plans for a solo album with guest musicians?
I have considered it, just too busy right now.

What about Stone Sour? Are you still with them?
That was just a one off gig helping em out… was a blast!

Why did you leave avenged sevenfold?
Their choice to get an unknown kid after 2010… I totally get it.

Describe Flying Colors sound.
U2 meets The Beatles meets Yes… played by guys from Transatlantic and The Dregs

Wait, I’m not up to date. What’s Flying Colors?
Myself, Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue, and Casey McPherson (Note: Also mentioned the album has 11 tracks)

Which deceased musician would you like to play most with?
Zappa, Lennon, Harrison, Burton, Rhoads, Mercury

Are you mad at Mangini?
Of course not… it was a great opportunity, how could he not go for it??

Favorite films of 2011?
So far “Drive”… Still many more coming out soon

When on tour with A7X, what was your favorite moment?
Roasting marshmallows on the Pyro

Is it true there’s legal issues with dt band name?
No not true

Who’s playing bass [with] you & Sykes?
All will soon be revealed!!!

Any chances of you singing again in a song?
I have a lead vox on the FC album… Neal asked me to sing it

Have you seen DT Budokan Blu-Ray yet?
No… Would’ve been nice to have been consulted as I directed it!!

What will be the next album released with your name on it?
[Adrenaline Mob] in Jan (hopefully), Flying Colors in March

Favorite progressive bands of the last decade? (2000′s)
Bigelf and Beardfish

What one song would you jam with Metallica live?
Anything from first 4 albums… Orion would be a top pick for me

Do you like Rush?
Rush??? Never heard of em… Who’s that?

3 best ‘intro to prog’ albums…
In the Court of Crimson King, Close to the Edge, Foxtrot

When a.mob release a full album?
Still shooting for Jan… Deal is in place, mixing begins next week

Any chance of another LTE?
I hope someday… Need to rebuild some bridges first… I never say never

Fave ever drummer?
Peart, Moon, Bonham, Starr, Bozzio

Would you team up with Kevin Moore & Charlie Dominici; 3/5 of orig. DT?
Me & Kevin did 2 OSI CDs together

Is TA going to record/tour again?
Absolutely!!! TA is still alive… just between albums at the moment

Who picked the band name Flying Colors?
Producer Peter Collins suggested it & was the only name we all agreed on

Biggest inspiration?
Zappa, Beatles, Waters, Kubrick, Lynch


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